Friday, October 7, 2011

A Found Thrill

As a mommy, I can say there have been several times that my Little Mister's sheer elation at a simple little thing has brought tears to my eyes! Here is the one that I treasure!
One Sunday morning, someone had left a book on our pew at church which my little guy picked up to investigate. As he turned a page I heard a loud gasp! He yelled "offering"! He had discovered a play $20 bill. Immediately, he then wanted a Tithe envelope to put it in. He was so excited that his little hands were shaking. I put it in the envelope for him and wrote his name on it. When it was offering time, he ran to the front with his found thrill! He was so proud of himself as he walked back to our pew! And you better believe that this mommy was proud of her cheerful giver!

A found thrill

A cheerful giver