Memorable Birthday Bashes

Memorable Birthday Bashes
1. Monkey Theme
2. Race Car Theme

Monkey Theme Birthday Party

Colors: Orange, Yellow and Brown
Decorations: Stuffed monkeys and other toys from playroom, baby bananas, pipe cleaners shaped into monkeys and dangling from branches secured in formula jars covered in colored paper and ribbons, balloons, large drawing of a monkey that usually hangs in the nursery, homemade birthday banner in matching colors, a few inflatables of monkey and tree, foil grass
Food: Banana Pops = halved bananas dipped in chocolate, Monkey cupcakes, chips and dip, banana nut cheerios in kid friendly funnel, Monkey Sandwiches = Slice of banana between vanilla wafer with peanut butter and Nutella, and lemonade
Favors: Monkey Chow = Banana nut cheerios and raisins in a clean baby food jar with decorative material on the lids.

Monkey face smash cake: brown and white frosting, chocolate covered donut cut in half for ears, eyes are peppermint patties, nose is a brown M&M, mouth is red licorice and hair on head is chocolate sprinkles

Race Car Theme

Colors: Blue, Red, Black and Yellow 
Decorations: Colorful empty boxes from a car parts store, Traffic cones, large box painted like a car, checkered table clothes, roads made from construction paper, traffic signs made from colored paper (personalized with name), cloth banner flags with name, traffic lights made from shoe boxes, soda bottles with construction paper roads around them with checkered flags and street signs on the tables
FoodRice Crispie Stop Lights = Treats with red, yellow and green M&M's, Axels = pretzel sticks with marshmallows, Mini-Tires = sliced black olives, Flat Tire Cookies = thin cookies dyed black, Creme Cheese Cars = Halved sandwiches with blueberry or strawberry creme cheese, Dipsticks = Large pretzels dipped in chocolate. Drinks included, Motor Oil = Cream Soda and Anti-Freeze = Green Kool-Aid.
 Favors: Paper bags folded and stamped with a painted car. The tags read, Thanks for sharing my special day. Here are a few of my favorite things. The bags were filled with: bottle of bubbles, Hot Wheels car, box of crayons, Soft peppermints, small board book, safety suckers and a bouncy ball.


  1. Great ideas; *so* creative; gives me some ideas for my son's 3rd b-day party next year!!! :-)

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