Monday, May 28, 2012

Bleach Spraying T-Shirts

Wanted to make some wearable art! We just had to try this one! Unfortunately, a two year old with a spray bottle of bleach = not to many good pictures to post! Sorry! However, the final result is awesome!

Materials- Solid dark color t-shirt, bleach, water, spray bottle, gloves, cardboard, butcher paper, scissors, iron, misc shapes or letters.

1. Traced shapes onto the non-wax side of the butcher paper.
2. Iron the shapes or design onto the shirt.
3. Cut cardboard to fit inside your t-shirt.
4. Hang on a clothes line of attach to fence outside.
5. Pour small amount of bleach in the spray bottle. You can have several bottles and add water to some to dilute the bleach and change to final effect!
6. Squirt the bleach onto the shirt. We also turned the nozzle on the bottle and misted around our shapes so they would be visible!
7. Allow it to set in the sun for a few minutes then, rinse the shirt in clean water. Peel off the wax paper and check out your wearable art! *** Wash it before you wear it!***

If you use straight bleach then your sun exposure time will be less! Make sure you don't allow the bleach to eat a hole in the shirt!

I'm Ready

before the bleach

Now that's Cool!

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