Thursday, May 24, 2012

Simple Bird Feeder

Before Little Mister was born, I often dreamed that he was an avid bird watcher. Which lead me to purchase him little bird picture books and the Young Birder's Guide (Peterson Field Guides). We look at them often! Perhaps one day he will take flight as an astronaut, pilot, engineer or scientist! Whatever he does, I will always support and lift him up!

Objective- Awareness of Living Things, characteristics of objects (MS Early Learning Guidelines for Infants and Toddlers: Scientific Development 3.1.1)

Materials- Pipe cleaners, cheerios or fruit loops, short piece of yarn

1. Create a crease in the center of the pipe cleaner by bending it in half and then open it slightly.
2. Thread the cereal onto each half of the pipe cleaner. Remember to leave some room on each end to twist them together. We made three and linked them together and then shaped each into a heart.
3. Add the piece of yarn to the top heart making a loop.
4. Hang outside for a treat!
5. Enjoy watching the birds discover their snack and listen to them singing their sweet little songs. If you have cats, as we do, you might also hear some birds "yelling" and dive bombing their feline stalkers!

Adding some Cheerios to the bent pipe cleaner

Have to sample a few

I'll get it!

Treat in a Tree

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