Thursday, October 11, 2012

Science with a Side of Chinese Food

For some reason we have lots of spontaneous science moments while at our favorite Chinese Restaurant.  Surely it's not because we are there so often!?! The workers/owners there love my little Mister (who wouldn't?) and it's a good thing.
On this particular occasion, he had just taken a sip of drink and his hands were wet. So he picked up a piece of napkin to dry them and it stuck to the tip of his fingers. He held it up to show me and it flickered in the breeze. He was enthralled! Who would have thought a near by far would turn into a science play lesson (at a Chinese Restaurant)?

If you don't like Chinese food, don't fret. You can still play. 
Tie colorful strings or strips of bright plastic to the grill of a fan. Turn it on and watch the fun.

Science behind the play:
When you hold the napkin in your hand it just hangs down. It is at rest. If you dropped the napkin it would fall to the floor; that is called Gravity or gravitational pull. 
But if the hanging napkin is disturbed by a breeze from a fan, it will flutter and no longer be at rest. A force caused it to move . . . Newton's 1st Law of Motion.


  1. I love it how we mothers grab every opportunity to teach our kids something new and we do it through playing. Kudos to you!!!

  2. What a fun moment...isn't it wonderful how science is everywhere! Btw, we love Chinese too! ;)

    1. I see it everywhere because I was trained that way... Total Science geek!

  3. Cool. Love play and science, it is a perfect combination. Thank you for sharing.

  4. i love how everyday happenings turn into learning. good momma for pointing that out. thanks, too, for linking up to tip-toe thru tuesday.

  5. Great job finding a fun way to teach him something in everyday life! And YUMMY Chinese food! Thanks for sharing on the we made that linky!

  6. Oh, how fun!! Lessons can happen anywhere! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

  7. So you mean to say I"m not the only one getting science lessons at their local Chinese restaurant?

    Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!

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