Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Ladybug's Birthday - Simple Saturday

We were exploring in my Mom's backyard the other day and chanced upon some Ladybug pupa attached to a Mimosa Tree. Little Mister noticed them right away.
 We carefully gathered some of the leaf stalks with the attached pupa and brought them home to put in a habitat and await their "arrival".  Surprise, after one day, we had 5 new ladybugs! 
 The lighter colored (yellowish) bug has just emerged. Her wings are translucent; It will take as
long as 24 hours for her to develop her characteristic spots. She has her wings out to help them dry and harden.
 He wanted to tickle the bug's belly!

Life cycle of a ladybug


  1. How special, and what an AMAZING learning opportunity!

  2. So cool! How wonderful that you got to see this!

  3. What a fun surprise!

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