Sunday, December 23, 2012

Cranks Delivering Cards

O.K., we have this group of pre-school kiddos at my church that get together at least once a month to do crafts, just play or go on field trips. Last month, we got together and made special Christmas cards which we were going to deliver to two of the apartment complexes in town that house elderly folks. 
We had a good time making the cards. Each child traced hands and feet enough to make three cards apiece.

These are Little Mister's cards! CUTE!

Well, December rolls around and we had to reschedule our first date because of rain.... and it kept raining!
Finally, a date was set AND every child cried the entire time we were delivering the cards! What are the odds, EVERY kid? My child is a people lover and he even wanted me to hold him almost the entire time! He would not even hold one of the cards.
Isn't that just like kids?! 
Oh well, the Mommy's laughed and had a good time anyway!


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