Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Time for Grief

Initially I was going to post about my son's fascination with clocks and show all the pictures of him with clocks we saw on our trip to a church function in Jackson this week-end. My plans have been changed because of a phone call.
On the second evening of our trip we received a phone call to beckon us home swiftly. My oldest sister has been battling cancer for some time and my brother-in-law called because the hospice nurse thought her time was very near. We threw our things in the cars and headed south, her home was about 2 1/2 hours away. Three cars carried mom, step mom, three sisters, a niece and nephew. About an hour into the trip we got a call from our brother saying turn on your flashers and hit the accelerator she was fading fast. We were only 20 minutes away when we got another call telling us to rush no more she had passed peacefully away holding her daddy's hand. We were too late and we were all crushed.
She has been battling for so long and suffering unimaginable pain. My only consultation is she suffers no more and is wrapped in the arms of her maker. She can sing with heavenly choirs and walk down streets of gold! Both physical things she has not been able to do for some time now.
With all the chaos at her home, including friends, family and weeping, it was hard to keep track of Little Mister. Family passed him around until I lost track. When he had made the rounds and was back with Mommy, he was exhausted, confused and scared. My tears continued to flow and I couldn't make them stop. My Little Mister looked into my eyes, cupped my face in his precious hands and sweetly said, "It's OK Mommy. Don't cry.". Of course, this made me smile while more tears escaped.
Once we finally made it home, near 3 a.m., he followed me around like a puppy. I layed down while my husband got Little Mister settled. I layed in the dark with bitter sweet memories swirling before my eyes. I was brought back to reality by the sound of running feet headed toward my door. The door opened and a sliver of light illuminated a shadowy figure climbing up on the bed. He crawled over and hugs me tight (growl included). Then, he pats me on the head and asked if I was OK. 
Now that I had a little of my wits about me I was able to explain that I was very sad because Aunt Penny went away to be with Jesus. I explained how I was glad that she was in no more pain but that I was going to miss her very, very much. 
Everyone says that a child so small does not really understand about death. I'm sure that's true (I don't understand all about death) but I know he understands everyone's moods and reacts in a very sympathetic way. He does partially understand the concept because he recently asked me if Aunt Penny was singing for Jesus now! What a beautiful thought from such a innocent mind!

8/28/62 - 9/8/12 @ 12:08 a.m.

I will be taking a few days off from the blog for obvious reasons.
Please, make sure your family and friends always know how much you love and appreciate them!
God bless and pray for my family as we travel through this Time of Grief!


  1. I am sorry for your loss. Tis better to of loved and lost than to never have loved at all. Alfred Lord Tennyson

  2. I am so sorry for this news. Please take all the time you need. What a good reminder to never take the ones you love for granted. xoxo

  3. Oh I am so sorry to read this post - came over to follow you after you left such a sweet comment on my blog - hope nothing but beautiful memories surround you
    Big hugs,

  4. I am also stopping in after you commented on my blog and I am ALSO very sorry for your loss. I wish you and your family the best. Athena

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Sending thoughts and prayers your way.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm following you. :)

  6. Hi Elisia... I'm so sorry to hear this sad news about your sisters passing. Being an oncology nurse does not make it easier. I see this way too often. Cancer is cruel! My heart aches for you, sending you hugs and prayers.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following, I am your latest follower!


  7. I have two sisters who I'm very close to, so I don't even want to imagine how you must be feeling now. I'm so so sorry. Sending a prayer for you and your family.