Thursday, September 20, 2012

Monkeys Love Bananas

As evident by the above pictures, my Little Mister, who is sometimes affectionately known as Monkey, loves bananas!
I guess lots of people must have an affection for the mushy fruit because there are loads of  banana paintings to be found!

We tried to entice a bunch of bananas to pose for a still life portrait but we were unsuccessful! I guess they were to yellow.
We had to suffice ourselves by actually painting ON our bananas! This made for some interesting conversation starters with those who happened to notice our ART sitting in a bowl on the table.

Of course, you can't paint bananas without eating some. So we made Banana Splits on a Stick. Yummy!
Eventually our imaginations just took over everything! It became banana playtime.

Photobucket     Adventures In Mommy Land


  1. OMG, I LOVE the trucker hat! So creative! I also think I should do the banana painting with my girls...but then again, what would I do with Little Baby? She's probably end up being painted by The Big One and Ms. Middle!

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  2. Banana split on a stick?!! whoah! why am I JUST now hearing about this?! ha. found ya from Friday Chaos hop! excited to be your newest follower!

  3. What fun! There are so many ideas that I have never heard about. Thank you for linking up this week to my Enchanted Thursdays Blog Hop!

  4. Love this idea, I pinned it too! Thanks for linking at tip toe thru tuesday!

  5. Haha. Those bananas are cute! What a hat, too. And don't let me start on the banana split. Yum. How fun. Christy

  6. So many fab ideas- what a lot of fun!!
    Love the idea of painting on bananas- will definitely have to try this although I am guessing they are much cheaper there than here. Did you eat them afterwards?

  7. How fun to paint the bananas! And those banana splits just look YUMMY! Thanks for sharing on the We Made That Linky!

  8. Oh, how fun!! I love it!! I love your banana split sticks too! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  9. That snack looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library!