Friday, September 7, 2012

"FOIL"ed again!

I was trying to change things up a bit and find something to paint on besides paper. So we started to experiment with foil. 
*We painted on it.  I covered a cardboard circle from a pizza box and gave him some paints.
*We drew on it. This was a BIG hit because he could see his reflection in the foil and he tried to draw on himself. 
*We also did some rubbings with foil. We taped down a piece of mesh fruit bag (like oranges come in) and layed some foil over it and used a popsicle stick to lightly rub the foil. It looked like fish scales so we cut out a fish shape and added a little marker.
*Also, we made a foil and tissue paper collage. I taped the foil over some cardboard, smeared on some glue and let Little Mister go to town with the bits of tissue paper.

Quite by accident we stumbled across his favorite thing to do with foil. We had a piece left from the painting so I grabbed a toy that was on the table and wrapped it in the foil. I asked if he knew what was in there. He looked at it for some time and started to unwrap it. He was so excited when he discovered his train. He started to put the little pieces back on the train to "re-wrap" it. I had to do this with a few other toys; Blocks, ball and a car! He guessed right on half of the items.
We will definitely have to be "foil"ed again!

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