Friday, January 4, 2013

5 Stereotypes Bashed

 My Little Mister has a fascination with houses; pink, blue, Barbie Dream house or Lego's castle makes no difference to his big imagination! This totally urks my husband! Standing in a toy aisle in a store, I hear, "It's pink! Don't let him play with that!"
I just have to laugh! Who laid down the law that boys wear blue and only play with cars while little girls, decked out in pink, wear mini aprons and dress up dolls all day! Please! I grew up with all boy cousins! I hated Barbie and refused to wear pink until I was 30!
This all started me thinking about crazy stereotypes and how they have been bashed in my household!

#1 - Tea Parties require an up-raised pinky! 
As you can see, Thomas and Friends showed up for the party!
He totally enjoyed pouring water from cup to cup.
Nothing girly here. We just got in some fun motor skill play!
****No pinky was raised during the duration of this activity****

#2 - Fairy costumes and princess dresses aside, ALL Superheroes need a good costume!

#3 - Flowers are super girly! Whatever!
The aroma of a sweet flower appeals to both genders. The beauty and complexity of the flower itself is a wonder to behold! 

#4 -  Dolls are for girls!
 Whether you call it an action figure, stuffed animal, stick puppet, or simply a doll, it's just something to love!

#5 - The room in the house where the stove sits ...  is gender neutral!
Why is it that the most famous chefs are men, however, the opinion that the kitchen should be left to the women still reins supreme???  



  1. I agree! DD 3 chose Thomas flip flops this past summer and I used to get all sorts of questions about it 'aren't they for boys?'. She likes Thomas, and dinos and yo gabba gabba but she also likes houses, her kitchen/food playset. DH and I just go with it. My parents were the same with us. On the other hand my DH may also feel differently if we had a 3y old son wanting dora flip flops. Hopefully companies will realize the need for less gender obvious clothes and toys and then our hubbies can calm down lol

  2. What a great post! -Marci

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  3. My boy loves all these things too! With two older sisters, there is no escaping all things pink (and purple). At our house Thomas, babies, My Little Pony, and dinosaurs are all best friends. Great post!

  4. When we travel to Asia, the colors that the children are quite irrelevant. Little boys wear lavender flowery frilly things and pink and nobody bats an eye. I love my boys in pink. And in the kitchen. And helping out with the younger ones. and for that matter, I let my girl take out the trash. And learn to change a tire and the oil in the family car. And play with bugs! It's all good!
    nancy-of the crazy 9

  5. My oldest daughter has always loved cars; she even has imaginary car friends. My younger daughter loves creepy crawlies, and they both love princesses. My son loves anything fuzzy as well as his cars. They are just all different.

  6. I absolutely agree with all of this! I don't have kids yet, but many of my friends and co-workers do, and I am constantly blown away by their insistence at boys participating in "gender-appropriate" activities. It really bothers me that these stereotypes are so ingrained that we can not allow kids to enjoy playtime and development without putting down so many rules about all of it!

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  7. Notice it's always the men that get more upset about their boys doing girlie things. Men, and their roles, have had more power in our culture than women. When girls take on traditionally boy's roles/colors/activities it gives them power. Most Moms & Dads want their girls to be strong, and women have been actively trying to take on more "manly" roles for over a century, so it's ok. But for boys to take on girl's stereotypes it would make them less powerful. No one wants their son to be a sissy... When will men have the gender freedom we women fought for? They don't have them same motivation since their "roles" still have more power in our culture. It'll be a while.

  8. I absolutely love this post! We go back in forth in our household about girly things our son does or wants to do. The husband wants everything to be manly activities. I wanted to buy him a kitchen for xmas because he loves his cousins (especially cracking the eggs in the pan). Husband said NO WAY! I'm totally showing him this post! Thanks for posting!


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