Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Getting on the Olympic Bandwagon

We do not have a television at our house so the 2012 Olympics have not been a high priority on our list. However, we were visiting my Momma the other day and she happened to be watching some swimming competitions. Well, Little Mister was fascinated (even though we tried to do swimming lessons early this Summer and he freaked!!). I was shocked that he sat and watched for such a long time. Even more shocked that later that day, he watched some beach volleyball games. He was even very vocal as he watched; yelling things like missed it, sand on toes, fast ball and the such. Maybe the nature over nurture thing is partly true, I mean, he will grow up to be a (gulp) MAN one day!
Anywho, this was my cue to jump on the Olympic bandwagon and try a few things. As we were cutting paper to make a torch we talked about some of the things he had watched and different countries that were in the races. Then we made some popcorn torches and looked at maps to locate different countries. I also happened to have a really neat book titled Zigzag Factfinders: Countries by Moira Butterfield. It gives simple facts about a country like capitals, landscape, national monuments and some unique things about each.

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