Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shaving Cream with a Side of Catfish

August is National Catfish Month! 
Since we live in what is part of the Catfish Capital of the World, I feel compelled to do something to commemorate the occasion!  
We used the old shaving cream and acrylic paint trick:
1. Fill the bottom of a large shallow bowl with shaving cream.
2. Drizzle different color acrylic paints on top. 
3. Use a wooden popsicle stick to swirl the paint. 
4. Cut out a shape on card stock and lay it flat on top of the swirly painted shaving cream. 
5. Press down slightly until all the paper is in contact with the cream. 
6. Remove slowly and set aside for a minute or two. 
7. Use a squeegee or spatula to scrape away the cream from your paper. 
8. Allow to dry and add google eyes if desired!

Did you know . . .
1. Catfish are raised in fresh water ponds only about four to six feet deep.
2. Farm raised catfish are taught to eat feed pellets that float on top of the water. Wild catfish are bottom feeders.
3. One catfish can lay up to 4,000 eggs a year per pound of body weight.
4. Young catfish are called "sac fry" because they still live off of the food supplied by the yolk sacs.
5. When catfish reach 4 inches long they are called "fingerlings" (the size of an index finger).
6. Catfish are harvested in nets when they weigh about one to one and a half pounds.
7. About 95% of the nation's farm-raised catfish is raised in Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, and Louisiana.
8. Catfish is now the 5th most popular fish in America.
9. Catfish is available all year round.
10. Over 447 million pounds of catfish was produced in 1995.  

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  1. This is wonderful. What a cutie. I've been a preschool teacher for 25 years and I am so glad to see that art is still a major part of a toddlers life. Sorry back to my question, can you please tell me where you found the pattern for your catfish. It's the best one I've seen yet. Thank you. Keep up the wonderful things yopu are doing with your child. God Bless. Mrs. Valerie