Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Smelly Socks

Little Mister is discovering his sense of smell. I absolutely love the faces he makes when he "smells" a flower! I decided to do some sensory play today and made some smelly socks. I used some things we already had in our kitchen: Cinnamon sticks, Garlic, Crushed Mint and Apple extract. You can also try things such as lemon, pickle juice, oregano, vanilla extract and actually, the list is limitless! Just have fun.

I used some socks that have become too small for his precious feet. I filled them with 4-5 cotton balls then added my liquid to another cotton ball or placed it in the sock. Then, I added a few more puffs into the sock and sewed it closed. I stored each sock in a separate baggie until play time. If adding solids, like spices, I just placed them between some cotton balls inside the socks.

Objective- Uses all available senses to explore the environment (MS Early Learning Guidelines for Infants and Toddlers; Scientific Development 3.3.4)

Explain that we smell things with our noses. Ask them what they smell. Can they describe what they smell? You might be surprised by their responses!

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