Saturday, August 4, 2012

What's That Mommy?

With the Olympics in full swing, it's hard not to be swept up into the mystery that surrounds many of the different cultures. 
All this Multiculturalism has turned me into a victim! Yes, I'm a victim of becoming suddenly aware of things that have been in my constant surrounds. We drove to the Coast today to visit my sister. I've never noticed before but, her neighborhood has several different cultural markets. Just for fun, we stopped and explored a Thai-Asian Market. Little Mister was in grocery heaven. They have things in tubs on all the shelves and this seemed to attract a 2 1/2 year old like a bee to honey. He was in swarm mode! Fluttering from here to there with occasional squeals of joy. I lost count of the times he said, in his sweet little voice, "What's that Mommy?"  We bought several different interesting things and brought them home to sample!

He plundered AND plundered
His favorite thing

Rice paper candy that melts in your mouth . . . KEWL

We also had some Aloe Vera and Kumquat Juice Drink. VERY DIFFERENT!

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