Saturday, August 11, 2012

Relay for Life 2012

Last night was the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life Rally in my town. Some of you may recall that I am a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in my mid-20s. Six months of chemotherapy, 24 radiation treatments, 4 blood transfusions, miles and miles of pills and millions of prayers later.... here I am! I was told by my doctors that I would never have children. Years down the road, many shed tears and millions of prayers later.... here he is! God is amazing and I am blessed!
I've had several family members that have victoriously fought and, unfortunately, I have some that are currently battling! I bet most folks know at least one person that has been touched by cancer in some way. Wish my sister could have been here with us today. She is bravely on the battlefield now! So, you can see why this is something very personal to me. I walked to help raise funds for a cure so others, possibly including yourself, will not have to face the uncertainty and pain that so many already have.
Support A.C.S. Relay for Life! 
The life you save may be your own!

Love the face

My hubby just had to try...
My favorite shot

Our church team
A special shirt I designed for my Little Mister
One of the special ladies on his shirt! (He just woke up, therefore, no smiles.)

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