Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jonah was a Prophet, Oo-Ooh!

We love Veggie Tales! Little Mister has a passion for pirates which I believe evolved from the Jonah movie where the Pirates Who Don't do Anything made their first appearance. He loves it and has watched it MANY times. He even tries to sing along with the songs! 

Yeah, we enjoy watching it but I have to go back and explain that Jonah was not really kept company in the whales belly by an Indian worn who sells plush toys from a cart; nor was he serenaded by an angelical choir with glowing earrings. For that matter, he never sailed with cheese curl eating, ALF watching, ping-pong playing pirates either. And as far as I can recall, there was no fish slapping mentioned in the Bible!

After we read the Bible account . . . we made a stain glass whale for the window and a balloon whale!

Stain glass: clear contact paper, black construction paper, bits of blue tissue paper.
First, draw a whale on the construction paper and cut out the inside. Lay the paper on a piece of contact paper. Cut out a praying Jonah from construction paper and stick it inside the whale. Place the tissue paper randomly to cover the whole cut out area. Place another piece of contact paper on the top and trim the edges. Place between a towel and press with a low heat iron for about a minute. Hang in a sunny window!

Whale Balloon: blue balloon, dark construction paper, scissors, permenant marker.
Cut out a stick figure man from the construction paper. Fold it to fit into the balloon. Blow up the balloon and draw eyes, mouth and fins. Have fun searching for Jonah in the belly!

Jonah Was A Prophet by Veggie Tales

When I was a boy I went to church back home in Arizona
And that is where I heard the tale of a man whose name was Jonah
Now Jonah was a prophet, but that's not why he's remembered
They tell the tale, Cause in a whale he nearly was dismembered!
Jonah was a prophet
But he really never got it
Sad but true!
And if you watch it you can spot it
He did not get the point!
Compassion and mercy from me to you and you to me
Exactly what god wants to see and yes that is the point!
Now Jonah Set Sail On A Pirate ship
In a dreadful gale
Got eaten up by a giant whale
But then it's not to be said
You think he would learn alot
From being saved from an awful spot
But the second chance that he had got
He didn't want to be spread
Now poor old Jonah
And now he's all alone-ah
Gotta use a megaphone-ah
To get it through to his head-HEY!
Now during your life you prob'ly don't ride on a camel
And you prob'ly won't wake up inside a large aquatic mammal
But all the same like Jonahthere is something you can do
Everyone deserves to get a second chance from you!
Compassion and mercy from me to you and you to me
Exactly what god wants to see and yes that is the point!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. We keep finding our rescued Jonah at random places and times around the house! Hope you come back and visit us again! Be Blessed!