Friday, August 10, 2012

Shape Review - Fishie Style

Little Mister has been running some high fevers for a few days so, we wanted to keep things a little simple today. Thought we would do a little shape review.
When we finished making fish, we went into the kitchen and made some "Fish Ponds" to snack on!

Objective- Identifies basic shapes such as circles and squares (MS Early Learning Guidelines for Infants and Toddlers: Mathematical Development 2.4.4)

I placed some shapes cut from construction paper in front of him then asked him to find the circle, square or triangle. Then, we mixed them all up and I had him tell me what all the shapes were and their color. We made designs for awhile then we took out some glue and made some fish!

Fish Face
To make Fish Ponds, you need: round crackers, Fish shaped crackers, white chocolate bark and blue food coloring
**I use the chocolate bark instead of frosting because my Little Mister does not like to get his hands messy when he eats. The bark hardens while frosting just smears!**

EASY: Melt chocolate. Drop in color. Smear on cracker. Add fish on top. Let cool. Eat and Enjoy!

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