Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Creek Keepsake Hands

Today we went to the creek with Pawpaw! Little Mister had a great time. He chased after minnows, collected some rocks and followed Pawpaw like a like puppy. We found some petrified wood and some crazy looking driftwood. Pawpaw even taught us how to select just the right rocks to skip across the water. I guess every girl, no matter how old they are, thinks their daddy is the best. I mean my daddy knows everything and can do anything! (Yeah, he can beat up your daddy!) I have to say that my daddy is amazing and has oodles to teach my Little Mister.

We decided to make a keepsake from the things we collected that day. 
We made one to keep and one for Pawpaw.

Materials- Wheat flour, salt, water, baking pan, cookie cutter, straw, string, items from creek

1. Make dough: 2 parts flour, 1 part salt, 1 part water
2. Flatten and cut shapes with cookie cutter.
3. Use straw to poke holes so you can add string later for hanging.
4. Press in your items.
5. Let air dry OR bake at 200 degrees F until hard.

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