Monday, June 18, 2012

Hand Fish on National Go Fishing Day

In honor of National Go Fishing Day, we went to the creek and "played" with some fish! Strictly catch and release! LOL! We then came home and made some Hand Fish paintings! It was a great day! Happy Fishing Y'all!

caught some minnows in a net

 Materials- card stock paper, acrylic paints, glue, blue beads, google eyes, paint brushes.

1.We painted Little Mister's hand and pressed it onto the paper. (We made two)
2. Then , we painted Daddy's hand and pressed it on one of the pages while Mommy's painted hand went on the second paper.
3. Paint green grass across the bottom on each page.
4. Glue eyes on each fish.
5. Glue beads to look like bubbles coming from each fish.
6. Lay flat to dry.

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