Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rain Cloud Mobile

Little Mister loves to watch me cutting things out with scissors! I thought it was about time to let him try. We bought some safety scissors and then let him go to town! Our raindrops for this mobile would baffle even the most experienced scientists! No matter, he was very proud of it! I hung it in the living room window and he kept going back to it all day and saying "I made it"!

Materials- Cotton balls, glue, card stock, scissors, yarn, blue construction paper

1. Draw a cloud shape on the card stack and cut it out (this is the only part I did)!
2. Glue strings of yarn near the bottom of the cloud to hang down. Then, make a loop with a piece of yarn and glue it near the top of the cloud to hang it with.
3. Dab glue all over cloud and cover with cotton balls.
4. Cut raindrop shapes from the blue construction paper.
5. Glue two drops together with the yarn in the middle. Repeat until you have made a rainstorm hanging from your cloud.
6. Allow to dry thoroughly before hanging!

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