Friday, June 22, 2012

A Happy for the Mail Lady

In this world today, it can be extremely hard to SHOW your child how we are to treat others! Especially when you have already had a stressing day, your nerves are raw, and then someone rear ends you at a red light and you have to get out in the pouring rain all the while your son is having a melt down in the back seat because his juice cup is empty... and on your way home you stop for gas and realize you have left your wallet somewhere...... Need I go on? Sometimes it's just a down right chore to smile and be friendly! I have to constantly remind myself that I am shaping my Little Mister's outlook on so many things by HOW I handle these situations! Would I want HIM to loose his temper and yell at some old man at the gas station? No! Lord, help me to be a good example of how we should treat others!

Little Mister loves to go to the "Box" everyday and check the mail. So, today we decided to leave something in the box for our mail lady!

Materials- Lid from a water bottle, large pom-pom, google eyes, 4 small pieces of pipe cleaner, glue, magnetic strip, pretty box and ribbon

1. Glue the magnetic strip to the back of the lid (the flay side).
2. Glue the big pom-pom inside the lid.
3. Add google eyes to the pom-pom.
4. Dab glue on one end of all the pipe cleaners and place them between the pom-pom and the edge of the lid to make arms and legs.
5. Let dry.
We then placed it in a cute little box along with a note saying that we appreciate her bringing our mail everyday and then added a few pieces of individually wrapped candy. (Nothing that would melt because, well, it is summer!). Then we tied it with a pretty bow and placed it in the mailbox with the flag up!
The next day she left Little Mister a sweet little note of thanks!

Putting some glue in the lid

Don't forget the eyes

Cute Little Man made by a Cute little Mister

A Surprise for the Mail Lady

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