Monday, June 11, 2012

Painting with the Wind

Living in the South, we are constantly talking about or complaining about the weather! We can have warm gentle summer breezes in the morning and, by noon, run for shelter from mighty gusts bringing in a storm! Today we were outside and some leaves decided to “run” across the driveway! Which lead to the following activity.

Objective- Notices and names characteristics of seasons and weather (MS Early Learning Guidelines for Infants and Toddlers: Scientific Development 3.2.1)

Materials- Card stock, straw, liquid watercolors or thinned acrylic paint, eye dropper

1. Drop some paint on the card stock.
2. Blow through the straw to move the paint on the paper.
3. Drop different colors on the paper and blow it around. Moving the paper around while blowing through the straw will make more interesting patterns.
4. Try variations on how hard you blow through the straw. After all, we don't always have tornado weather! In the South, we have gentle summer breezes along with gusts before a storm! LOL
5. Lay the card stock flat to dry.

Look Mommy! No Hands!

This is how the Elephants do it!

It was VERY windy today!

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