Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Painting with Insects

OK... Guess what Little Mister found in the Den this morning? A long horn beetle! How convenient that in the middle of National Insect Week a really cool beetle should find its way into our house! After we looked it over and discussed it's characteristics, we decided to have some fun! Entomology and math all rolled into one!

Materials- Watered down paints (acrylics or tempra work best), white card stock, plastic insects, twisers   

1. Using the twisers, gently pick up the insect from above and drip their legs in some paint (careful not to let the body get in the paint).
2. Place the insect in the middle of the paper and let them do their thing.
3. Repeat with several colors!
4. Gently wash the insect with clean water and release outside.

After the beetle made a really neat painting, I gave Little Mister a toy ant and let him make his own masterpiece. We counted legs (6), body segments (3), and antenna (2). You get the idea. It was a great entomology and math lesson!
***No insect was hurt in the making of this painting!*** LOL

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