Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Country Zoo

On our way to Aunt Tina's house, we pass by a virtual country zoo. Absolute bare necessities for a little boy who loves animals. First, we saw goats and chickens. Then, we passed cows and horses. Little Mister wanted to get out and ride the cows. Yes, I said cows not horses! When I told him that the cows would probably not appreciate that, he announced we should "open the gate and cows go to beach." As you might imagine, this sparked a few interesting story lines that you may hear about at a later date.

His favorite part of this particular visit to the country zoo was mooing at the cows. We all laughed until our sides hurt and cheeks ached. Our impressions ran from sick to mad to psycho. Not one of us can boast of speaking fluent cow. However, we had a great time trying. Best of all, it was free.

chickens running for cover ... it started to rain

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