Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tractor Paintin'

If there is one thing I have learned as a mommy, it's boys will be boys. At least he is painting with tractors not out trying to tip them! Hey, just for your information, we may live in the Deep South but we are not all rednecks down here!
He enjoyed this because it made cool patterns and designs in the paint. I tried to give him other cars and trucks with different wheels but he would not have it. 
Oh well, he's a tractor lovin' Southern boy at heart.

Materials- Card stock paper, acrylic paints, big flat lid, trucks, cars or tractors

1. Pour some paint onto the lid. Flatten it out with a brush or shake the lid around so the paint only gets on the tires and not high enough to get on the bottom of the vehicle.
2. Roll your tractor or car in the paint.
3. Make tracks on the paper. Switch directions or turn the paper to make different patterns. Also, change colors and watch them blend in some places.

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