Saturday, July 14, 2012

Painting in the Rain

We were all ready to "throw paint" at some paper on the porch and wouldn't ya know it.... It started to sprinkle. I mean, what happened to our pattern of afternoon showers? Mother nature had other ideas today but we just rolled with it and had a great time!

1. I put a sheet over the porch rail and attached our poster board with clothes pins. (The sheet kept the paint off the porch and kept me from having to chase the balls around the yard!)
2. Then, I squirted some pain in different paper plates.
3. Finally, I handed Little Mister some spiny play balls and let him go to town!

Ready to paint

Throw it again!

This one will be framed when it dries!

After we cleaned up the paint.... we had to play in the rain!

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