Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gnome Hats and a Nursing Home

My mom lives in a complex for elderly and disabled folks. On pleasant days, most of the residents migrate outside to sit on their porches. My little mister looks forward to these days because suddenly, he has innumerable grandparents. They dote on him something awful. He, in return, bats his long eyelashes, gives high fives and hearty handshakes. Scribbles on paper are often exchanged for candy and various other treats.

I have noticed Little Mister is the only visitor that some receive for long stretches of time. It breaks my heart. How lonely they must be at times. This got me thinking about others that may suffer this same fate and what we might do to spread a few smiles. We decided to visit a nursing home and take along some homemade treats!

Rylee's Gnome Hats:
Bugles stuffed with peanut butter with the bottoms dipped in chocolate.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, that’s so sweet! I’m sure all the seniors are happy to receive homemade treats from you and Rylee. This may just be a small gift, but it surely made them happy. Living in a nursing home can truly be much more enjoyable if you get to receive little tokens of appreciation such as this! That is why this little gift from you surely means a lot to them.

    *Cara Larose