Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shake a Stick at It

What do you call a stick with bells, bottle caps and beads? .......... I don't know either! 
It's another rainy and lazy lazy day here in the South! We needed a lively indoor activity today to get the juices flowing!! This morning we took a short walk outside (before the storms blew in) and found an interesting stick! As some of you may be well aware, ALL sticks and rocks are interesting to a 2 year old boy! We have so many rocks in our house now that we could start our own paving company! And let's not even talk about sticks.....
With thunder, it's time to go in! So, we scouted around the house for items we thought could go on a string to clap or click together to make noise!After all was said and done.... It's time to shake our tail feathers!!

Materials- small stick with a Y in it, yarn or small ribbon, acrylic paints, bells, beads, bottle lids (anything that you may want to try that will click together for noise)!

1. Take a walk outside and find a small stick that has a Y in it.
2. Bring inside and paint the stick. Definitely optional but adds to the fun!
3. String your assorted finds on the yarn or ribbon.
4. Tie securely on each side of the Y in the stick!

Happy Dancing Y'all!

painting our stick

adding some colorful beads

Shake it baby!

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