Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bare Necessities

Sometimes in life, it's the bare necessities that seem to sooth the soul or make a merry heart! 
As parents, sometimes we get trapped in the buy-a-toy craze to make our children smile! We want them to have the latest gadget or the newest fad! When in reality, a big box would do just as well... or often times, be of much greater fun! So, this week, I encourage you to put aside your schedules, turn off the technology and just play! Bake cookies, make a wooden boat and go sailing, build a tent in the living room or chase birds on the beach! Have some family fun! It's the simple pleasures that will make the most lasting memories! Cherish the times you have with your little ones ... much too soon they will be grown!

Chasing birds at Paw-paw's beach

Colored flashlight under out living room tent
Boat Racing with Daddy!

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