Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Spin Painting

Little Mister woke up this morning with painting on his mind! Far be it for me to hinder any opportunity to make a mess first thing in the morning! As you can see, he is still in his jammies! Glad the camera does not point the other direction because (yes, I admit it) I was too!

Materials- poster board, several different colors of acrylic paints, foam plates, juice bottle caps, water bottle lids (Collect different sized circular objects to use. Just make sure there is a flat surface on one side.)

1. Drip paint on the bottom side of the foam plate. Use random colors or use colors that will combine to make a third color like yellow and blue to make green.
2. Turn the plate over and place on the poster board.
3. Place your hand flat on the plate and twist. Try to keep it in the same place so it will be a circle when removed. Experiment by turning the plate in different directions or completely around. It's your world enjoy it!
4. Lift the plate straight off the poster board and set aside.
5. Do the same with the other sized circular objects.
6. Lay flat to dry.

We are gonna have a mat made and put this put in his room! I love the effect and it looks awesome!

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