Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cowboy Bunnies Wooden Mural

As of late, Little Mister's favorite book is by far, Cowboy Bunnies by Christine Loomis. I have read it so many times that I should be able to recite it by heart. The book, unfortunately, is no longer in print but you should be able to find it online somewhere. It is a sing-song story and is very cute. The first thing I noticed was the pictures. They are childish paintings on rough pieces of wood planks. Very clever and very different. My wheels started turning when I flipped the first page. Today, those wheels took over and we finished the project by working together. Of course, I got to play with all the power tools and Little Mister painted something within every scene including, stars, clouds, cows and circles in the hay!

Bronco busters
In the saddle
Whoop and holler
Count the cattle

Materials- Old wooden crates, skil saw, cordless screwdriver, screws, paints, brushes, hooks, hammer
(I have to say it again, Any craft that gives me an excuse to bust out the power tools is awesome in my book!)

1. Use the Skil saw to cut the desired number of slats from the wooden crate. Don't worry about measuring, uneven slates look better with the overall 'rough' theme.
2. Lay a smaller slat across all the other and use the cordless screwdriver to attach them. I put 2 screws per slat so they would not twist around.
3. Paint your desired scene on each slat.
4. Attach hanging hooks on the back.

We used parts from different pages here

We liked it so much, I made a shelf to match

Stars are twinkling
Stars are bright
Cowboy bunnies
Say good night

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  1. I love that! It looks so cool. You didn't just make a great piece of art, but a wonderful memory. Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library!