Monday, July 23, 2012

Bird Nesting Orbs

Today is my Daddy's birthday. Still active and doing it all after all these years. (I told you before that my daddy knows all, does all and can beat up your daddy . . . much like . . . Superman!) 
Along with so many other things, he enjoys bird watching and has several bird feeders in the yard. Since they live out in the country, he constantly has to come up with ideas to keep racoons, squirrels and other critters away from the feeders. That's alright, I believe he enjoys the challenge. And thus far, I believe, he has been winning the battles.
Since he is such a bird enthusiast, we decided to make him some nesting orbs to hang in his yard.

Materials- 20-22 gauge wire, scrap pieces of yarn, ribbon, cloth, felt, cotton and anything else soft, a soft ball about the size of a tennis ball.

1. Wrap the wire around the ball to make an orb shape.
2. Squeeze the ball and pull out of the orb and then reshape the wire.
3. Fill the orb with your materials.
4. Hang in trees for the birds to discover.

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